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Our Approach

Our approach

Irwin and Colton is a future-facing health, safety, environment and sustainability recruitment consultancy. We are committed to enabling positive change in the world by finding HSE and sustainability professionals the right opportunities to change a little bit of the world through their work.

Finding people with the right experience, skills and qualifications for specialised jobs is difficult, but our methodical and disciplined approach keeps us connected to the right talent. We already know most of the candidates we place and they often aren’t looking for a job. How do we know they’ll be interested? Because a large part of our job is listening - both to employers and people that might want jobs. We believe that our candidate network is one of the most valuable assets in our business, so we work every day to better understand the people that make it.

A disciplined approach to recruitment is one of the biggest factors in our success. Here’s how we do it.

Six steps of Positive Recruitment

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    Start with process

    First, we get the basics right so our search has strong foundations. This means the right tech, the right data and the right skills in place in our team. Then we invest time and energy in fully discovering your needs, beyond skills and qualifications to culture and team dynamics.

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    Map the future

    Successful recruitment needs proper strategy rather than vague planning. Every client challenge is different so we tailor our approach to meet the need.

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    Get moving quickly

    We’re known for filling the roles others can’t because we take a systematic approach to staying up to date with a large network of health, safety and sustainability talent. Activity breeds success.

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    Search the last page

    While we are responsive, we never prioritise speed over quality. Following our process to its conclusion means we don’t stop once we’ve found the minimal number of candidates. Instead, we ensure we don’t pass over the hard-to-spot candidates.

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    Work hard to make
    decisions easy

    It’s not just the effort we put in, it’s about making smart choices from the start of the process to make the recruitment experience more fulfilling - and easier.

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    Stay involved

    Our success is built on putting relationships first, so we don’t see a placement as closure. We maintain an active interest in your business and career so we can be there when you need us. It’s how we’re always ready with so many relevant candidates.

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Join us

We believe an organisation can only become as great as the living, breathing parts of it, so we invest heavily in developing our people. Find out more about a career with Irwin and Colton.

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A new view of recruitment

You need a recruiter that puts you first

Our digitally native team takes time to understand the trends and evolution in our sector. We spend a lot of time and energy on keeping up to date with what’s happening in our various industries. That’s why you’ll often find us on site visits and getting involved in industry events.

Irwin and Colton is a team of smart people committed to enabling positive change in the world. Our way of doing things involves connecting with health, safety and environment professionals and staying involved in their careers and businesses long term. We do this by solving people’s problems and doing valuable things for the professional community.

Meet the team

From the start, we’ve shunned the idea of building a hyper-competitive sales environment. We opted for a culture of sharing and support instead. The open, honest and helpful approach our consultants have to sharing their assignments, contacts and knowledge means we’re always moving towards the best outcomes for clients and candidates.