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We’re ready to handle your toughest recruitment challenges

Recruitment is one of the most exciting parts of business. We genuinely believe this, but we know it can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We take great care over the parts that are traditionally seen as painful and boring, supporting you to find the right people within the right timeframes, and leaving you to get back to business.

Like you, we know that professional memberships, technical competencies and qualifications are a core part of a health, safety and environment professional’s skill set. But these are only part of what makes a candidate special. It is the qualities, beyond these expected ‘must-haves’ that truly count. This is where Irwin and Colton’s consultants specialise.

We find the people who can solve your specific problems and create genuine value for you. Those exceptional candidates, who seamlessly blend technical expertise, experience and valuable ‘soft skills’ are our focus.

Our services

We recruit both permanent and contract health, safety, environment and sustainability professionals from Advisor to Manager and Director level. So, whether you’re recruiting, benchmarking salaries in an existing team or planning future hires, we can give you all the support you need.

  • Permanent

    We have a dedicated research team assigned to all permanent roles we recruit and a proven method, which consistently yields the right candidates for our clients.

  • Contract / Interim

    We offer a streamlined, efficient and fully compliant process with access to a network of qualified and trusted professionals at short

  • Executive Search

    We have found influential leaders at director and executive level for some of the world’s most well known organisations.

Putting in the work every day so you don’t have to

Successful recruitment is partly about being well prepared. We’re able to deliver the best candidates consistently because our team are constantly involved with the talent they recruit. In fact, most people we place are candidates that we already know and they’re often not looking for jobs. How do we know they’ll be interested? Because we prioritise active listening - both to employers and potential candidates. We don’t react until we truly understand what’s needed, which we do using our tried and tested process.

Productive relationships based on exceptional service

Simplicity and clarity are essential principles that help us achieve incredible results and consistently provide clients with exactly what they need. We choose to focus only on recruiting within the health, safety, sustainability and environment sectors so we can give both clients and candidates the most specialised and productive service possible.

We’re known in the sector for filling the roles others can’t and this is mainly down to our systematic and thorough approach to staying up to date with a large network of health, safety and sustainability talent. We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented and on the accuracy of our work and data. It’s all about discipline for us.

If you have a role that you would like our assistance with, please complete the form below. Alternatively, get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can help you.

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