Safety Bytes Films

We know you have less time than ever to keep up to date on the latest news and views in the health and safety industry . So we’ve created ‘Safety Bytes’; quick, bite-sized films to keep you informed.

Whether you’re a student, just starting your career, a seasoned health and safety professional or working in a related industry, we guarantee Safety Bytes will leave you knowing more.

We talk to a variety of people working in the industry, from education providers, membership bodies and academics, through to CEOs and leaders from across the health and safety industry. Their knowledge and insight is as fascinating as it is valuable.

Safety Byte: Karl Simons - Thames Water

Irwin & Colton meet Karl Simons - Director of Health, Safety, Security & Wellbeing at Thames Water.

In this video Karl discusses how to tackle mental health in the workplace and what the Thames Water approach has been.  He also offers insights into what he believes are the best first steps to take, for any organisation who are looking at their mental health and wellbeing strategy. View the full transcript here.

Safety Byte: Mates in Mind

Mental health in the workplace - In our latest 'Safety Byte' we meet Paris Forrester – General Manager at Mates in Mind, to discuss mental health in the workplace.  

In this video Paris answers the question of where employers should start when looking at mental health in the workplace? She also outlines what the biggest hurdles are for employees when looking at mental health.  In addition, Paris talks about the Mates in Mind approach of addressing the mental health challenge by focusing on supporting employers.

Mates in Mind is a charitable programme to improve and promote positive mental health in the workplace and was established by the Health in Construction Leadership Group (HCLG) with the support of the British Safety Council in September 2016.

Safety Byte: Zoe Hands - MerseyRail

Which health and safety skills are the most transferable?

In our latest 'Safety Byte' we ask Zoe Hands – Operations Director at MerseyRail,  how her skills and experience as a Health & Safety professional equipped her for the position of Operations Director. 

Zoe examines her transition from Safety, Security & Sustainability Director to Operations Director at MerseyRail. She looks at the challenges she faced with this move, and how the skills she developed in health and safety were beneficial to her new role.  Zoe also offers valuable advice about how to drive the health and safety agenda across different operational functions. 

Merseyrail is a commuter rail network serving Liverpool Region. The network carries 34 million passengers per year and forms the most heavily used urban railway network in the UK outside London. Full video transcript can be seen here.

Safety Byte: IOSH Competency Framework

Irwin & Colton meet Duncan Spencer – IOSH’s Head of Advice & Practice

In this video Duncan gives an overview of the new IOSH Competency Framework.  He answers the questions; how will the Competency Framework help Health and Safety professionals? How will the IOSH Competency Framework help when recruiting? He also expands on the question – Are technical skills becoming less important in health and safety?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered body and largest membership organisation for safety and health professionals globally. Full video transcript can be seen here.

Safety Byte: Kizzy Augustin

Legal update - Corporate manslaughter and Gross negligence manslaughter 

In the latest edition we meet with Kizzy Augustin – Partner at Russell-Cooke Solicitors, who leads the Health & Safety Practice at the firm.

In this video Kizzy discusses the legislation surrounding Corporate manslaughter and Gross negligence manslaughter, why we are seeing penalties increase and talks through some recent example cases.  Kizzy also suggests some preventative measures organisations can take and provides good advice on what steps a company can take following a serious incident. Full video transcript can be seen here.

Safety Byte: Karl Simons

Safety Byte: Innovation & Technology

Irwin & Colton meet Karl Simons - Director of Health, Safety, Security & Wellbeing at Thames Water.

In this video Karl discusses the latest trends around technology & innovation and the importance of this to the modern day Health & Safety professional.  He highlights discusses some of the innovative initiatives that the health and safety team have introduced in recent years and discusses how technology can bring huge advantages for the modern day health and safety professional. View the full transcript here.


Safety Byte - 'The Client Buddy Scheme'

Safety Byte: The Client Buddy Scheme

Irwin & Colton meet Gren Tipper - Operations Director at the Construction Clients’ Leadership Group.

In this interview, Gren introduces the Client Buddy Scheme and discusses why the Client Buddy Scheme came about, who is involved in the scheme, what it is looking to achieve and how to get involved.

The Construction Clients' Leadership Group is a not for profit organisation, funded by a number of its client members, and working for all clients.  Their mission statement includes "to be the organisation of choice for information on leading- edge industry practice for clients" and "to lead in the continuing development and sharing of best practice within the client community".

Safety Byte: Steve Hails

Safety Byte: 'What impact do Client requirements have on Health, Safety and Wellbeing?'

Irwin & Colton meet Steve Hails - Director of Health, Safety & Wellbeing at Tideway.

In this interview, Steve talks about the impact which clients have on health, safety and wellbeing. He believes that “clients have an essential role to play in setting the bar.”  He discusses the challenges client requirements can bring to large infrastructure projects, the impact on the supply chain and where things could be improved moving forward

We also discuss Behavioural programmes and the interview culminates with some advice from Steve on whether practitioners should consider a behavioural safety programme within their business. Full video transcript can be seen here.

Safety Byte: John Dunne

Safety byte: 'Creating and delivering a successful health and safety strategy'

Irwin & Colton meet John Dunne – Group Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Director at Wates Group.

In this video John offers his insight into creating, implementing and communicating a successful health and safety strategy.  Discussing, Where to start? How do you ensure buy-in across the organisation? How do you communicate the message? and how do you measure the success?

The Wates Group is one of the largest family owned construction, property services and development companies in the United Kingdom. Full transcript can be seen here.

Safety Byte: Martin Coyd - OBE

Safety Byte – ‘The mental health agenda within the construction industry’

Irwin & Colton meet Martin Coyd – Head of Health & Safety (Construction) at Mace.

In this video Martin discusses the challenges faced within the construction industry on the mental health agenda.  Why do workers in the construction industry have higher rates of mental health problems?
How can we improve wellbeing in the workplace?
Is increased legislation the solution to tackle poor mental health in the workplace?
He outlines what next steps the construction industry need to take.

Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, founded and built on exceptional people, a commitment to service excellence and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Safety Byte: Peter McGettrick

Safety Byte – ‘Health & Safety: The answer to the UK’s productivity gap?’

Irwin & Colton meet Peter McGettrick – Director of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality at Turner & Townsend.

In this video Peter discusses; What challenges the UK currently faces on productivity? What impact health and safety can have on productivity? How health & safety can improve productivity? and the return on investment for organisations from investing in health and safety.

Turner & Townsend are a leading independent professional services company specialising in programme management, project management, cost and commercial management and consulting across the real estate, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. A full transcript of the video can be seen here.

Safety Byte: 'Future of Health & Safety'

'The Future of Health & Safety' Irwin & Colton meet Mike Robinson - CEO of The British Safety Council.

In this video Mike discusses; What the future holds for the health and safety profession? What is the future for health and safety regulation? and as they come to the end of their 60th anniversary year, Mike gives an overview of the future for the British Safety Council.

The British Safety Council is dedicated to making sure no-one is injured or made ill at work. The Council was founded in 1957 by James Tye, who was a pioneering campaigner who helped to transform the British way of life. His efforts led directly to the ground-breaking 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, as well as the introduction of car seat belts. Full transcript can be seen here.

Safety Byte: Maeve O'Loughlin

Irwin & Colton meet Maeve O'Loughlin - Senior Lecturer (Environment, Safety & Health) at Middlesex University

In this video, Maeve discusses, What the PIPER Initiative is? Which organisations have been involved? How others can get involved? and what the benefits of the PIPER Initiative are for both industry and students alike?

The PIPER initiative (Partnership for Innovative Practitioner Engagement in Research) is a collaborative partnership between IOSH London Metropolitan Branch, Middlesex University and Greenwich University to support the OHS profession through carrying out free research and OHS studies for IOSH members. See full transcript here

Safety Byte: Paul Greeves - MBE

Irwin & Colton meet Paul Greeves MBE, Managing Director of 1st Option Safety and former Director of Workplace and Safety at the BBC.

In this video, Paul discusses,  What makes a good health and safety professional? What unique health and safety challenges are faced in the media industry?  

As a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment and Special Forces, Paul also offers insight into Why are there a large number of Ex-Forces personnel in health and safety?

1st Option Safety Group is the leading provider of safety advice, support, training and equipment to the media and entertainment sector. From Britain’s Got Talent through to the Rugby World Cup and The Jump - if you saw it on TV, in a cinema or at a live event the chances are they provided the safety support to make it happen.

Full transcript of the video available here

Safety Byte: NCRQ

Irwin & Colton meet Iain Evans, Chief Executive of The National Compliance and Risk Qualification (NCRQ).

NCRQ are a new suite of level 6 health and safety qualifications, which differ in many ways from traditional health and safety qualifications.

In this video, Iain offers an insight into the NCRQ qualifications through answering a series of questions including – What qualifications NCRQ offer? What makes NCRQ different from other health and safety qualifications?  How the NCRQ qualifications are assessed? Are NCRQ qualifications accredited by IOSH?

Full transcript of the video available here