Kristian Gribble HSE Recruitment Consultant
Kristian Gribble

Kristian Gribble

Senior Consultant

About Kristian

I sit within the Construction, Civil Engineering and Infrastructure team finding solutions for clients and candidates across health, safety, environment and sustainability.

Work highlight

Working with the top candidates across the health, safety and environment space, really understanding their passion and what they’re looking for in their career. Taking this knowledge onboard and matching it with the needs of our clients, to create life changing opportunities.
Constantly looking to improve my knowledge to better my ability to help both clients and candidates.

Out of office

I have a passion for sports including, competitive paintball, rugby and body building. I originally studied Criminology at Nottingham Trent University because of an interest in understanding and helping people, this has lead me towards health and safety recruitment. This role allows me to contribute towards changing peoples lives and careers, at the same time allow clients to reach their goals across the health, safety and environment function.

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