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Elizabeth Ferguson

Elizabeth Ferguson


About Elizabeth

I work on a range of roles across the health, safety, sustainability and environment sectors.

Work highlight

As Irwin and Colton’s newest consultant (three days’ in at the time of this writing!), I am enjoying the heavily informed, no holding back introduction to the industry and am very eager to continue learning everything I can – and more. Having come from a customer service role, I have been surprised at how many of my skills have been directly transferable into that of a recruiter, although that’s not to say there aren’t a lot of brand-new aspects to learn about.

I am excited to start building relationships with both candidates and clients and my interest is already particularly piqued by the business development side of recruitment, although I have a lot to learn before I can get into this!

Out of office

When I am not eating or walking my dog, I am decorating my flat, the ‘doer-upper’ myself and my partner purchased in 2022. It’s turned out to be a huge project but an enjoyable one. I am also trying to re-learn the piano after giving it up when I was much younger – something my mother always told me I would regret. She was correct.

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