Recruiting professionals across health, safety and environment, is much more than just looking for the right qualification. We understand this.

Qualifications and professional memberships are an integral part of a health, safety and environment professionals skill set. This alone is not rare and you are unlikely to require our services to secure candidates with these. To secure the top talent in the industry it is essential to combine the technical with the non-technical. Values and personality, the ability to influence, engage, get buy-in, “sell” health, safety and environment are essential characteristics at any level, for any successful professional to truly add value to an organisation. This combination of expert technical and non-technical skill sets is rare indeed. We understand this and actively build networks to give clients access to these rare and hard to find individuals. This is what makes us different.

If you are looking to recruit, benchmark salaries in an existing team or are planning for future hires - call us. Irwin & Colton have over a decade of experience within the health, safety and environment industry; we recruit both permanent and contract professionals from Director to Manager and Advisor level.