When you are looking for candidates across health, safety and environment, we understand you need more than the right qualifications.

Like you, we know that professional memberships are a core part of a health, safety and environment professional’s skill set. But these are only part of what makes a candidate special. It is the qualities, beyond these expected ‘must-haves’ that truly count.

That is where Irwin & Colton specialises. We’re committed to finding you candidates whose values and personalities match your organisation. People whose ability to create solutions adds unexpected value and whose communication skills bring influence and buy-in. Those exceptional candidates, who seamlessly blend technical expertise, experience and valuable ‘soft skills’, are our focus.

Our determination to find you these hard-to-find individuals, who bring something unique to your organisation, is what makes us such a highly-valued recruitment partner, for each and every role. 

Experience you can trust

At Irwin & Colton we have over a decade’s experience within the health, safety and environment industry. We have a deep understanding of the market and a strong commitment to giving our clients peace of mind, over the long term. We put in the work, every day, so you don’t have to.

We recruit both permanent and contract professionals from Director to Manager and Advisor level. So, whether you’re recruiting, benchmarking salaries in an existing team or planning future hires we give you all the support you need.

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