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The National Gallery

Fire Safety Professional for The National Gallery

The National Gallery is probably the most famous art gallery in the UK. Located in central London in Trafalgar square it was founded in 1824 and houses over 2300 artworks. It is a major London tourist attraction and had over 6 million visitors in 2019! It houses some of the most famous and valuable artworks from around the world. 

Where we started

The Gallery needed a Health and Safety professional who also could provide expertise on Fire Risk and Fire Risk Management. The Gallery houses artworks worth hundreds of millions of pounds in value and has millions of visitors each year, alongside those working in the gallery all year round.  It is essential that the gallery has robust controls around fire safety alongside health and safety to ensure all those who visit the building and the artworks housed in the gallery are safe.

How we helped

We used our expertise and extensive candidate network of Health and Safety professionals to identify those candidates who had the relevant property and facilities management experience, but also those who were technically competent on Fire Safety as well.  We needed the right Fire Safety qualifications to ensure the candidate was technically competent to advise the Gallery on the best approaches.

The successful candidate

The candidate we secured for the Gallery had extensive property and retail experience, and they were highly qualified in Health and Safety and Fire Safety. They had a flexible and pragmatic approach to managing risk and were very focused people and engagement.  The candidate has provided the Gallery with certainty and assurance that risks are being managed properly whilst also providing the Gallery with solutions so they can continue to be creative with the exhibitions they put on.

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