Careers Inspiration Video Series: Yogendra Rai,  Head of HSE UK Rolls Royce


Careers Inspiration Video Series: Yogendra Rai, Head of HSE UK Rolls Royce

Posted on 13 May 2024

In this instalment of our Careers Inspiration series, we speak with Yogendra Rai, Head of HSE UK for Rolls Royce.  

In this video, we discuss what attracted Yogendra to work in health and safety, why he would recommend it as a career, and what tips he would give to someone starting out in their career. Yogendra also touches on what has been the biggest industry change during his 20+ year career.

 My name is Yogendra Rai. I'm the Head of HSE UK in Rolls Royce. I look after the, as a civil point of contact for civil airspace, predominantly in the UK. We have a large footprint in UK, and I also act as a global contact for the overall civil airspace division.

Within my role, I also capture all of the HSE roles and recruitment strategy, driving the strategy within health and safety, and link up with the leadership team.

 What attracted me to work in health and safety?

What attracted health and safety, dynamism, the caring element of the health and safety role that we all do. The principle of applying health and safety and the leadership that comes with it. You can take any way you like, I've worked in paper industry, I've worked in steel industry, and now in the aerospace industry. The principle has been the same and you can take it anywhere you like. So, it is coming into contact with different levels of people every day. No two days are the same. And that keeps you driving to do more. And then, I guess after 20 years, I'm still keen for more and there's still a lot to learn. So that really attracts me in the role.

Why would you recommend health and safety as a great career choice?

 I would recommend health and safety as a great career choice as it involves saving lives. That's my bottom ethos in doing health and safety. Now you don't have to show that directly. Talking about how it's about people safety, you’re also adding value to the business growth. And we prevent having injuries and accidents. That all goes to the bottom line. Connecting w

What tips would you give to anyone starting their career in health and safety?

 Anyone starting in health and safety, as a career, I would recommend heavily, because I'm going through, even after 20 years of doing health and safety, I'm looking into the IOS blueprint, as part of my CPD I'm looking at what I've got to give and what gaps I've got and technical aspect, core element of the competencies, behavioural competencies. So, do your homework, understand what gaps you've got. Find a mentor; they will be great asset to have after, you know, 20-50 years in the role. I'm still in touch with my previous mentors. Make time to talk to them, and then build networking. They are a great help and support.

During your career, what would you say have been the biggest changes in the industry?

The way the market's driving us is to technology and you hear about internet of things, you hear about fourth revolution, industrial revolution in industry 4.0. So, everything is getting digitised and then more and more demand is doing more with less. So, the old way, the conventional way of clipboard going around, we’re having to now look at the other areas of learning and developing, like safety analytics, which I would've never done five,10 years ago.

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