Health and Safety Salary Guide


Health and Safety Salary Guide

Posted on 04 December 2023

Navigating transitions between roles can feel daunting, especially in the fast-paced, ever-changing industry of Health and Safety. Even for those not accustomed to frequent role moves, adapting to this dynamic industry can pose challenges. While the Health and Safety sector prioritises values and purpose over salary, remuneration does factor into career decisions when moving roles. In our exploration, we've outlined the broad spectrum of salary ranges typically observed in this field, considering various influencing factors.

One challenge in health and safety is that job titles can be identical and job function can often vary widely between companies (we have seen a ‘Health and Safety Advisor’ role which reports to a global CEO and is a £100,000 role strategically ‘Advising’ on health and safety). As a result the matrix below should be viewed with that in mind and used as a guide rather than a precise ‘one size fits all’ list.

Here's a general breakdown of salary ranges across different positions within the Health and Safety domain:

Health and Safety Co-Ordinator (£27,000 - £35,000):
Entry-level position involving tasks such as managing ISO systems, coordinating training, and administrative duties. Health and safety related qualifications typically not mandatory.

Health and Safety Advisor / Senior Advisor (£45,000 - £55,000):
Often requires NEBOSH Certificate and Tech IOSH level. In some roles where travel is required, this role will generally come with additional benefits like a car or car allowance at circa £5000 per year. At larger organisations a ‘Senior Advisor’ role can be created, this will generally sit right at the top end of the salary bracket and may involve managing and developing one or more Advisors.

Health and Safety Manager (£55,000 - £65,000):
This role does not always just mean managing people, it can also refer to managing a region, function or site. At this level many will receive a car or car allowance and may receive enhanced benefits including some kind of performance based bonus of circa 10%.

Senior Health and Safety Manager (Team of 2 or more and / or multiple sites) (£65,000 - £80,000):
Similar to the Manager role above, this position is generally seen in larger companies and is often a stepping stone to senior management. If recruiting externally typically companies will require those moving into this position to be at CertIOSH (formally Grad IOSH) level or above.

Head of Health and Safety (£80,000 - £100,000):
At the more senior end of the seniority spectrum health and safety roles and salaries start to vary extensively. This 'Head of' level can be the most senior health and safety professional in medium and smaller organisations or those with a lower risk profile and/or generally smaller teams who do not have a Health and Safety Director. The role will involve leading the health and safety function and setting strategy. This position will generally have a full package including car / car allowance of £8000 and above, bonus of 15% or above.

Health and Safety Director (£100,000 - £130,000):
Health and Safety Director (£130,000 - £250,000+ for FTSE 250 equivalent or above):
Depending on the industry, company size and risk profile, salaries and packages can widely differ at the most senior level. Typically, extensive executive packages, both short and long-term bonuses, and share incentives are offered. Candidates are usually expected to be at CMIOSH level.

Remember, these figures are indicative and can vary significantly between companies. Accepting a salary below these levels might align with other benefits like flexible working arrangements, educational support, or increased holiday allowances. For personalised guidance, our consultants at Irwin and Colton are available to assist.​

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