Crafting a great CV for Environmental and Sustainability roles


Crafting a great CV for Environmental and Sustainability roles

Posted on 01 December 2023

​Crafting an exceptional CV is crucial in a successful job search within environment and sustainability. While a stellar resume doesn't guarantee a job, it significantly heightens the possibility of securing an interview. However, it's essential to understand that there's no one-size-fits-all CV template. Your CV should reflect your unique experiences and career aspirations. Here's our guide on what can elevate your CV and make you stand out:

Defining Your Goals: Begin by investing time in defining your career aspirations and charting the necessary steps to reach them. Tailor your CV to highlight skills relevant to your goals. For instance, if aiming for senior management, emphasise leadership, project management, and training experiences. Consider crafting different versions of your CV for various career paths.

Showcasing Achievements: Set yourself apart by detailing specific achievements supported by facts and figures. Highlight metrics like implemented sustainability initiatives, cost savings, or successful certifications like 50001 or the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Relevance Matters: Focus on recent and relevant roles in your CV. While including job titles, companies, and dates, prioritize expanding on your latest accomplishments. Bullet points can efficiently showcase responsibilities.

Managing Length: Strive for a concise CV. While the 'two-page rule' is ideal, a slightly longer CV is acceptable if it remains relevant. However, excessively lengthy CVs (8 pages or more) can deter prospective employers.

Certifications and Education: Clearly present your qualifications, especially if HR teams might not be familiar with environment and sustainability credentials. Highlight your highest qualifications/memberships at the top of your CV and ensure the relevance of other listed qualifications.

Keywords and Phrases: Incorporate industry-specific keywords relevant to the roles you're pursuing. Whether it's environmental strategy, carbon management, or specialised areas, ensure these keywords are present in your CV to match recruiter searches.

Volunteer Work and Interests: Highlighting extracurricular activities and interests can provide insights into your personality and potential commonalities with prospective employers.

If you're a professional in the environment, sustainability, or related fields seeking CV advice, our team is here to assist you in optimising your CV for your next career move. Feel free to reach out for guidance.

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