Top tips on recruiting over the summer


Top tips on recruiting over the summer

Posted on 19 July 2023

​With schools closed and people jetting off on holiday, the summer can often be a challenging time to recruit; but there is no need for hiring to take a break during this time! These tips will help you to effectively navigate your summer hiring process.

Be flexible
Candidates will likely have holiday plans or other commitments over the summer. Where possible, try to accommodate their availability by offering flexible interview schedules. Great candidates are worth the wait, and we can help to manage the expectations of those within the process.

Go virtual
Utilise video interviews to enable any candidates who are travelling or unavailable in-person to continue to interview. Leveraging technology in this way will help to reduce delays and ensure top talent remains within the process.

Streamline the process
Avoid any unnecessary delays by simplifying your hiring process. This may mean reducing the number of interviews or decision-makers to minimize the time from initial contact through to job offer.

Consider entry level positions
Fresh from university and eager to start their career, summer is when many graduates will be searching for their first full time position. If you have a junior position, could recruit at entry level? 

Engage contractors
If you have a position to fill urgently, consider hiring a contractor for the summer period. This will provide you with the cover you require more quickly and allow you the time to recruit a permanent team member.
If you require any assistance with a health, safety, environment, or sustainability role, get in touch with our team (available to help across the summer!).




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