Major increase in salary levels for Sustainability and Environment professionals


Major increase in salary levels for Sustainability and Environment professionals

Posted on 11 October 2022

​Major increase in salary levels for Sustainability and Environment professionals

The corporate environment, sustainability and ESG jobs market is booming like never before. With many Sustainability and Environment Managers proclaiming, ‘it’s about time!’. Very few can argue with the current challenges faced by the global environment.

From climate change to plastics in our oceans, environment and sustainability performances of corporate organisations are being heavily scrutinised, helping to drive the present boom.

Pressure for change and improvements throughout sustainability is forthcoming across the board from investors and consumers through to potential employees and internal pressure. Many organisations are initiating major commitments targeting sustainability such as Net Zero and require sustainability professionals to help reach these targets.

Along with the many pressures currently faced by organisations, mega construction projects such as HS2 are driving forward the recruitment process for many sustainability professionals throughout their supply chain.

This intern is leading to a phenomenal increase in the demand for environment and sustainability professionals, leading to a remarkable increase in salary levels.

Approximately 1 year ago, a Sustainability Advisor with 2-4 years’ experience could be attracted to a salary of £30,000 – £40,000, this has risen to £50,000 - £60,000. At present attracting a manger to a salary below £70,000 can be challenging, previously a salary of £50,000 would have been appealing.

At Environment and Sustainability Director level there is a fierce battle for talent, driving salaries well in excess of six figures.

From the outset, establishing the correct salary level and understanding what skill set is available at this level is essential for a successful recruitment process. Given the speed of change in this space we strongly recommend those looking to recruit environment and sustainability professionals engage a specialist recruitment consultancy as early as possible in the process. This can save considerable time throughout the process.

 Isla Robson leads the Environment, Sustainability and ESG recruitment Team within Irwin and Colton


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